Hello, I’m David Charles the writer!

I write lots of things, most notably:

  1. Foiled, with Beth Granville. Foiled is a comedy set in a hair salon. It had a hugely successful five-star run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016 and has now been commissioned for BBC Radio Wales in 2017. Yay!
  2. All manner of scribblings about refugees, migration and the glorious utopia of No Borders. This is all slowly coming together in a project called Cycling to Syria. In 2016, I cycled from London to Vienna, gathering and publishing stories from the saddle of my bike. In 2017, I’ll be doing likewise from Vienna to Syria (probably just the border with Turkey to be honest).
  3. You Are What You Don’t, a collection of writings about various lifestyle experiments. Hot topics include psychedelics, mobile phones, and the joys of terrestrial travel.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve put down here. If you’d like more, then I run a weekly mailing list, with freshly minted word for your delight and fascination.

Much love,


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