Here’s what I’ve done, but what am I doing right now?

Mostly smiling. Credit Caz.
Mostly smiling. Credit C.


  • Writing the chapter No Ego for my next book You Are What You Don’t. I love doing this.
  • Working with Beth Granville on taking our play Foiled to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Writing: Hilarious. Admin: Nightmare.


  • Volunteering once a week with The Bike Project, helping fix up old bikes to donate to refugees in London.
  • Occasionally volunteering with Hackney Migrant Centre, helping put out tables.


  • Cycling to the sea on the last weekend of every month, organised with fellow round Britain cyclist Anna Hughes. Southend-on-Sea and Whitstable both raving successes. Join us for more Seacycles!
  • Planning for my cycle ride towards Syria. Setting off in May – not long now!


  • Skipping at New Covent Garden and Borough Markets. Nothing tastes better than free food.
  • Hanging out with friends, old and new, sucking up inspiration.
  • Being thankful for my friends and family; letting them know same.

This is all happening as of February 2016. If anything major changes, I’ll update this page.

This page inspired by Derek Sivers: “Think of what you’d tell a friend you hadn’t seen in a year.” Great idea, thanks.