Six of the Best

So you want to drill a little deeper, do you? Great. Here are six of the best from each of my broadest categories of writing, audio and film. Jump in!

Six of the Best: Activism

  1. I’m a voyeur, a do-gooder, a megalomaniac! (2015)
  2. Understanding the Calais Critical Mass (2015)
  3. Thank-You Letter to the Daily Mail (2015)
  4. Do We Need Borders? (2014)
  5. Tunis: Police Attack Peaceful Martyrs March (2012)
  6. Cycling to the Sahara: Tunisia after the revolution (2012)

If you want more great articles on activism and politics, then check out my dedicated category: Best of Activism, constantly updated with stuff I think is pretty good.

Six of the Best: Travel Adventures and Exploration

  1. Refuelling: The Food of Tunisia (2012)
  2. Sarajevo gives thanks to the UN (2011)
  3. Another London: Stamford Hill and the West Bank (2011)
  4. Why does society need people who go on crazy, stupid, arduous adventures? (2015)
  5. 10 things you learn when you cycle 4,110 miles around Britain (2013)
  6. Carmen in Seville (2005)

There’s plenty more where that came from on the Best of Travel and Adventure, stuffed with fascinating tales of derring do and glorious failure.

Six of the Best: Psychology and How to be Human

  1. Krakadorn Revisited (2015)
  2. 10 great excuses to avoid making your dreams come true (2013)
  3. Recipe for the-only-thing-easier-than-making-it-is-eating-it hot salsa (2011)
  4. Vipassana Meditation at Dhamma Dipa: A Philosophical Consideration (2010)
  5. No Money Mondays (2012)
  6. What Makes a Person Do a Thing? (2016)

Dozens of more fresh scrawlings and experiments can be found over on the Best of How to be Human.

Six of the Best: Films and Audio

  1. Refugee Crisis: Which Side Are You On? (film, 2015)
  2. You Are What You Don’t at Elevate Festival (audio, 2015)
  3. Very Short Film: “The Wind is Free” (film, 2015)
  4. Straw Bale Building at Braziers Park (film, 2012)
  5. The Complete History of the Moon in Sixteen and a Half Verses (audio, 2014)
  6. Essential Security Feature When Travelling (audio, 2014)

Want more? Check out the Best of Film and Audio for regularly updated pictures and noises.

Six of the Best: Creative Writing and Comedy

  1. The Superlative Death of Gerund Clause (short story, 2011)
  2. Cholera (very short story, 2010)
  3. How to win the Nobel Prize for Literature (analysis, 2009)
  4. Bryanology: An Analysis of Bryan Adams’ There Will Never Be Another Tonight (analysis, 2010)
  5. Pedestal (poem, 2014)
  6. Quarter Farthing, Half Peasant (poem, 2010)

More, more, more! Don’t panic, it’s all over here at the best of creative writing.

Six of the Best of the Rest

These are my six of my most popular pieces that aren’t already on a list.

  1. Bob Dylan and William Shakespeare: A Reference Guide Part I (2010)
  2. Humanity is Easy: Supporting Migrants in Calais (2015)
  3. 10 things NOT to take on an epic bike ride (2013)
  4. My Pay What You Want Mission Statement (2014)
  5. City to Coast; Midnight to Dawn (2014)
  6. Vipassana Meditation at Dhamma Dipa: What I didn’t do (2010)

You’d better have found something to read by now – that’s all I’ve got!