Writing Wrongs

Hello, my name’s David Charles. I’m a writer currently working on three major projects:

  • Foiled, a comedy play set and staged in a working hair salon (co-written with Beth Granville). After five-star reviews and sell-out audiences at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, we’re looking to take the show on the road in 2017. You can read more about the project on our company website, WeAreDuckspeak.com.
  • You Are What You Don’t, a rough-and-tumble ride through the psychology of positive limits – or, what happens when I stop walking for a day, lock my phone away for a month, and dissolve my entire sense of being for five hours.
  • I’m also halfway through a 2,500 mile bicycle trip across Europe, following the routes of migration back towards Syria. So far I’ve cycled through England, France, Belgium and Germany, talking to refugees and local residents about migration and the effect it has had on their lives.

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The Trapdoor Scene

Imagine the scene. You’re on holiday with a big group of people you don’t know too well. The twelve of you hired a huge house in the countryside, sharing rooms to split the cost. You’ve been sunbathing on cushions in the garden, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of summer, drifting away in a meditation on beauty. At some point, somebody brought you a glass of water and a hummus, avocado, spinach and tomato sandwich on ...

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#34: Grandhotel Cosmopolis

Boutiques serve coffee and fine art, grafitti scratches the medieval walls and students sit cross-legged on the cobbled squares, drinking Radler and slurping ice creams. After another thunderstorm, we see a young man in a wet suit surfing the engorged canals. Augsburg is exactly the sort of place you'd expect to find the Grandhotel Cosmopolis, where guests arrive with or without asylum.

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#27: Refugees Like It’s 1699


Kleinvillars in the foresty backwaters of Baden-Wurtemberg is a town founded by refugees who fled persecution in their thousands, finding new homes across the world, in Britain, the Netherlands, America, and here in Germany.

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TMI? Don’t Drown!

iso-beware-drowning-warning-symbol-is-2057Would you believe, this site is crammed with over 400 articles, spanning ten years and covering a dazzling array of topics? Well I can assure you it is! To save you drowning in the details, here are six of the best:

  1. Understanding the Calais Critical Mass (2015)
  2. An Anatomy of Rambling, or Why Walk? (2015)
  3. No Meat (2015)
  4. Hypnagogia: How to Dream like Thomas Edison (2010)
  5. Refugee Crisis: Which Side Are You On? (film, 2015)
  6. The Complete History of the Moon in Sixteen and a Half Verses (audio, 2014)

You can explore more of my best writing, audio and films, ranging over politics, psychology and fiction, from Scotland and Devon, to Palestine and Tunisia, on my Six of the Best page.

Staying in touch.

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