Happy Reading!

My name is David Charles and I’m a writer and outdoor instructor. I’m co-writer of BBC Radio sitcom Foiled. I also write for The Bike Project, the Center for International Forestry Research and Thighs of Steel.

In the summer of 2020 I completed one third of my second bike ride around Britain. This time I’m doing it in stages – and with a bugle. I’ve published two travel books: one about hitchhiking to Ben Nevis and another about my first cycle around Britain in 2011. Occasionally I edit other people’s books about adventure and activism.

Every Friday I send good people like you my near legendary newsletter. You can read (and even search) past emails from the full archive on Substack. I publish another semi-regular newsletter about reading called Books Make Books.

There are 600+ posts on this blog, more than 510,000 words and 27,382 instances of the word ‘the’. Make that 27,384. If you need some help getting started, try one of these for size –

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