Chalk + Charms Comedy Writing Courses for Stage, Screen and Radio

Hi there, stranger!

Chalk + Charms is a series of comedy writing courses run by BBC comedy writers Beth Granville and David Charles. We exist to help people write the funniest scripts of their lives and get those scripts performed and broadcast.

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What am I in for?

The Chalk + Charms Comedy Writing Course for Stage, Screen and Radio is run by writing duo Beth Granville and David Charles, the funnybones behind BBC Radio sitcom Foiled.

Over the past three series, the pair have written for stars including Miles Jupp, Ralf Little, Sir Derek Jacobi, John Culshaw and Felicity Montagu.

Critical acclaim for the work of Beth Granville and David Charles:

“The perfect comedy.” Paul Vale, The Stage

“This is huge fun. Huge.” Kate Copstick, The Scotsman

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who has a passion for comedy and who wants to learn more about the crafty craft of making people laugh.

Like Michael McIntyre on a hot tin roof, the world of comedy never stands still – that’s why we welcome experienced gag-merchants as well as complete beginners.

What will we cover?
  • Blow-by-blow account of how we turned Foiled from a Fringe theatre piece into a long-running BBC Radio sitcom
  • How to write a sitcom, from page zero to cutting like mad
  • How to create funny characters without trying too hard
  • Redefining what a joke can be (in the post-Fleabag world)
  • Finding and working with your writing partner (because you do need one)
  • Script Masterclass featuring a line-by-line analysis of our favourite comedy pilot
  • How to put on your own show (because no one else cares)
  • What not to do when you think you’ve got something good AKA How to approach producers

We’ll finish the weekend down the pub – which is where the real work gets done, right?

By the end of this course you should be able to…
  • Create a promising situation for your situation comedy
  • Breathe life into your comedy characters so that we think they’re real
  • Construct stories and scenes that aren’t just funny
  • Find an audience for your comedy projects
  • Respond sensitively to the work of others, and accept constructive criticism of your own
  • Find a writing partner
How will I be taught, and will there be any work outside the class?

Uniquely for a comedy writing course, this 2-day workshop is run by a real-life comedy writing partnership – Beth Granville and David Charles.

The strength of this duopoly is that we can give you more teaching brain per student. It means that we can break the groups down into smaller chunks so that we can spend more time making your work funnier. That’s what we’re all here for, right?

The course is taught in a series of entertaining and informative workshops.

  • Sometimes everyone will be listening to one of us talk (don’t worry – not for long).
  • Sometimes you’ll be in a tighter group, working with laser focus on a specific technique or comedy writing skill.
  • And sometimes you’ll be working on your own, with direct one-to-one guidance from either Beth or David.

We will ask you to come prepared with an idea for a comedy sketch, sitcom or character. On Saturday evening you will probably want to flesh out your ideas with the techniques you’ve learnt during the day in preparation for another big day on Sunday.

Can’t make this one? Chuck us your email and we’ll let you know about upcoming courses in London, Bristol, Helston and beyond…