Elevate #10: Online Bibliography

Welcome, kind reader!

Thank you for reading my (our!) book. Personally, I much prefer reading paper and ink, but I know what a pain in the neck it is to type out all those web addresses. So here they all are, organised by chapter. I hope you find/found the book and these supporting links stimulating and inspiring.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do get in touch – this is a dialogue, not a lecture! You can always leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

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Deanna Rodger: Read My Lips

John Holloway: Opening Speech

Dr Vandana Shiva: We Need to Elevate

Think Crisis, Think Hope

Elevate the Commons

Elevate Democracy

Elevate Socio-Ecological Transformation

Elevate Media and Technology

Creative Response/Ability

New Media and Creative-Response

Research for Transition

Fair & Open IT

Reality is the Next Big Thing: Keynote

Reality is the Next Big Thing: Debate

Everything is Connected

Amy Goodman: The Journalist Connection

The 2014 Elevate Awards

Overwhelming the Monstrous Bluebird

Dean Puckett: The Sengwer

The links for Another Million Things We Can Do are published separately here…

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