Another Million Things We Can Do

Elevate doesn’t end with a full stop; it ends with action. There are a million things you can do to join the fight for revolution, democracy and L.O.V.E.. Here, in no particular order, are just a few, inspired by the festival:

  1. Read Encryption Works by Micah Lee to learn how, er, encryption works.
  2. Watch the Elevate 2014 political discourses and interviews on the Elevate Vimeo channel.
  3. Watch David DeGraw talk about The Economics of Revolution.
  4. Check out Ello, a social network (and now Public Benefit Corporation) where your data is not a commodity for sale.
  5. Join Diaspora, the distributed social network that is controlled by you.
  6. Use open standards – open document formats, for example – rather than locked in proprietary formats. Example 1: Stop saving your documents in Microsoft’s .doc format; use instead the open .odt format. Example 2: Use email, rather than Facebook messaging.
  7. If you run a democratic organisation, check out Loomio as a way of managing your discussions, proposals and decisions online.
  8. If you don’t run a democratic organisation, set one up!
  9. Read Shoshana Zuboff’s article Dark Google in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
  10. Graffiti, skating, parkour, adbusting, videos, poetry, science, teaching pre-school. Whatever it is you do; make it creative-response.
  11. Watch Let Fury Have The Hour, or read How the Creative Response of Artists and Activists Can Transform the World by Antonino D’Ambrosio.
  12. Buy a fair computer mouse from Nager IT.
  13. Get heavy with Ernst Bloch’s The Principle of Hope and Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century.
  14. Watch (and support) Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!
  15. Use Cryptocat to encrypt your chat conversations online.
  16. Write a poem without worrying about your spelling or your punctuation or even it rhyming. Watch Deanna Rodger and Ursula Rucker for inspiration.
  17. Burn your Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Don’t buy into surveillance capitalism; you’re the commodity…
  18. …unless you have, like Bradley Garrett, a message of creative-response that will change the conversation. In which case, broadcast that message – but when the broadcast is over, burn your social media account without mercy.
  19. Join over a million supporters and petition against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations before it’s too late.
  20. If you’re still confused, then read What is TTIP? And six reasons why the answer should scare you.
  21. Contribute to Wikimedia, the foundation that supports Wikipedia. They depend on user donations to pay for the maintenance of the fifth biggest website on the internet.
  22. Even better, contribute to Wikipedia and become an editor.
  23. Get involved with your local Community Supported Agriculture project or La Via Campesina.
  24. Read The Circle, by Dave Eggers, a novel set in a dystopian near future where a social media company reaches its tentacles into everything from wearable technology to drones and democracy. Sounds familiar?
  25. Join a CryptoParty and learn how to use basic cryptography tools. Welcome to everyone regardless of age, gender or knowledge.
  26. If you’re an activist who needs to protect their email communication, leave Hotmail, leave Gmail and join RiseUp.
  27. Watch the documentary Google and the World Brain (2013).
  28. Read Julian Assange’s book When Google Met WikiLeaks.
  29. Watch Crisis of Civilisation or Grasp the Nettle, directed by Dean Puckett, and contribute to his new film about the Sengwer.
  30. Share this book – it’s free!
  31. L.O.V.E. Yourself.

Finally: Join us at Elevate 2015 | 22-26 October 2015 | Graz, Austria.