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Center for International Forestry Research

As science writer for CIFOR, I have published many articles on landscape conservation and restoration, covering topics like fungi and soil carbon, negative emissions technology and how to survive the Anthropocene.

Cycling Towards Syria on Open Democracy

In 2016, I cycled towards Syria, writing about western European responses to the refugee ‘crisis’ for Open Democracy.

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Press coverage

2016: Cycling to Syria
2016: Foiled at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

I am the co-writer and co-producer (with Beth Granville) of Foiled, a comedy set and staged in a hair salon. In August 2016, we took the play up to the Edinburgh Festival, amid a flurry of press attention.

The British Comedy Guide collates most major press and reviews surrounding the show.

2015: Calais Critical Mass

I was one of the deputy instigators behind the Calais Critical Mass which collected and rode 80+ bikes to donate to the migrants there. Press for the ride included:

2015: UKHIP

I was one of the founders of the United Kingdom Humanitarian Intervention Party, a pro-migration response to the growing popularity of UKIP in early 2015. Press for UKHIP included:

2015: The Daily Mail Solidarity Tour

In January 2015, co-writer Beth Granville and I wrote an open letter to the Daily Mail, calling on people to take advantage of their £1 Dover-Calais ferry offer to take vital supplies to migrant camps in France. Press included: