The Soles of My Shoes

When a beautiful girl I hardly know asks if I want to climb Ben Nevis with her, I have a problem: no money. In a burst of unfounded optimism, instead of turning her down, I tell her we’ll hitch-hike.

Now, two weeks later, we’re standing on the side of the A1, surrounded by the concrete glamour of Brent Cross. Apocalyptic storm clouds close in on us and I begin to wonder… Can we really hitch all the way from London to Scotland, climb a mountain and get back again – all before work on Monday morning?

‘The Soles of My Shoes’ is a hitch-hiking travelogue, a Kerouac for the sustainability generation. In this time of austerity cuts, climate change, under-employment and over-education, what better way to travel?

This is a story of spontaneity, of adventure, of responsibility, of sustainability, of doubt and conviction – and perhaps even of love. It will appeal to the great generation of hitch-hikers young in the sixties, as well as to the youth of today who feel trapped by financial constraints and the expectations of social conformity.

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Praise for ‘The Soles of My Shoes’:

“I read this in one sitting, so captivated was I by the writing. David Charles has produced a smart, funny and endearing story.”

“The Soles of My Shoes is an erudite, eloquent and warm book. A deceptively simple tale of a long weekend spent hitchhiking with an unrequited love-of-his-life, the protagonist reveals insights into love, life, class, wealth and what it is to travel.”

“I can only hope this fabulous book encourages a [hitchhiking] revival.”

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