About me Writer, Speaker, Outdoor Leader and Cyclist-At-Large


I write stories that help you and me understand the world (and ourselves) a little better.

Every Friday, I send said stories out to a self-selecting group of well-regarded and discerning readers. You can join our ranks by signing up here.

I am co-writer (with Beth Granville) of BBC Radio sitcom Foiled, set in a Tonypandy hair salon. The four radio series (nommed at the 2019 Celtic Media Awards) were preceded by a 5-star live show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016.

As well as this blog of 800+ stories, I have written a number of books. Some of these I have published, and most are available as ebooks under my pay what you want policy.

I once wrote a writer’s manifesto.


I am Cyclist-At-Large for Thighs of Steel, a small team raising big money for refugee solidarity by cycling really far.

Thighs of Steel are famous for riding from the UK to Athens (five times) and breaking a world record for the largest bike-powered GPS artwork by cycling a 2,208km route, from Cornwall to Kent, that spelled out REFUGEES WELCOME.

Since 2016, Thighs of Steel cyclists have raised over £630,000 for grassroots refugee projects across Europe.

Here is a potted history of my other cycling adventures since I first picked up my dad’s old Apollo bike to commute to work in the winter of 2008:

I’m delighted to be a donor to The Next Challenge Grant, an annual bursary that helps people go on adventures.

My first big adventure, cycling 4,000 miles around the coast of Great Britain, was only possible thanks to support from my nan. She’d absolutely love The Next Challenge Expedition Grant so now it’s my turn to help you find your own awesome adventure. As nan used to say: Do it while you can!

Outdoor Leader

I am a qualified Lowland Leader and have been helping deliver expedition training to schoolkids taking their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award with Off Grid Adventures since 2019.

I am currently working towards my Hill and Moorland Leader award and developing my skills in the field (lol) of ecotherapy.

Public Speaker

Bored of sitting in front of a computer all day, I now parade my brain and voice in front of live audiences. Topics include comedy writing, psychedelics, and living without money. I’ve been known to perform poetry.

In July 2019, I spoke (to great acclaim, quite possibly) about the intersection between psychedelics and running at the Love Trails festival in Wales.

In February 2021, I developed a workshop about the cognitive benefits of nature called Rewild Your Job.

Things I Guess I Used To Do

2019-2021, I worked as a science and environment journalist, covering topics like fungi and soil carbon, negative emissions technology and how to survive the Anthropocene. You can browse my articles on Global Landscape Forum, Forests News and Forests, Trees and Agroforestry [here, here, here aaand here].

See my portfolio and press page if you’re not only interested in what I’ve written for other people, but also what other people have written about me. Includes the BBC, The Guardian, Vice, The Mirror and many others.

2001-2008, historian and Egyptologist: at university, I studied both ancient and modern Middle Eastern history for five years before realising that I was really only interested in the story bit.