The Tech Setup

Ah – the bliss of writing outside! – sun on my face, the sound of trickling waterfalls around me and the scent of freshly budding flowers. Not bad at all, thank you. And it’s all down to my now complete tech setup, ready for the ravages of the road towards Syria.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you a photograph of the whole setup because I’m typing this blogpost on my phone, which doubles as my camera. But hopefully this gives you some idea (just imagine a phone where the tripod clamps are):

The other bits and pieces are my Neo Alphasmart 2, beloved typewriter extraordinaire, with an ordinary printer cable leading to a bluetooth keyboard adapter by Californian tech company Handheld Scientific. This magically communicates with my phone, a Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, held at comfortable eye height by a Shoulderpod S1 smartphone grip attached to a Joby GorillaPod. Bingo!

So rather than a photo of the whole setup, here’s a photo of me looking incredibly smug:

And may the Fates permit me to write you many more insightful and delightful updates using this mad crazy technology! Thanks for indulging my smugness, now back to my outdoor office…

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