How to Cycle 4,000 Miles When You HATE Lycra

How To Cycle 4,000 Miles When You HATE Lycra

This is a book full of tips and tricks on how to cycle an awfully long way when you don’t know anything about bicycles and you HATE Lycra.

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The humble bicycle is no doubt the best way to see the world: they are cheap, they don’t use any fuel, they are not too fast and they are not too slow.

Best of all, today’s bikes don’t demand a degree in mechanics to keep on the road. I managed to cycle over 4,000 miles despite not knowing my sprocket from my crankshaft. This book will tell you how.

If I can do it, so could you.

What You’re Getting In This Book

50 beautiful pages in paperback, 3 pretty pictures and over 9,000 English words on:

  • Where to cycle and The Golden Rule of Planning
  • What bike to buy and what gear to take
  • How to cycle (without getting injured or killed)
  • How to deal with bike malfunctions and what to do when it rains
  • How to be Awesome – and more!

The Author’s Guarantee

I promise you that this book will do everything to get you out of your door and onto the road. Everything, that is, except actually putting your arse to saddle and pushing!

(The Author is available for arse-to-saddle workshops and pushing consultations, contact me in the comments for pricing.)

Get your copy today

It’s really important to me that you have this little book. I worked so hard on it and am so proud of it, that I want you to have it, no matter what. Money or no money, whatever you do, please take a copy today.

Download pay what you like ebook (9000 words, 3 pretty pictures): Gumroad
Order paperback (50 pages, £5 exc. P&P – soz): Lulu Paperback

When you’ve finished reading, please do leave a review either in the comments below, or on Goodreads. You are the reason why I do this and it’s always nice to hear what you think.

Happy reading!

10 thoughts on “How To Cycle 4,000 Miles When You HATE Lycra”

    1. Ah, thanks Jan – but that’s because I’m not on Facebook! I left FB and Twitter last year because they were taking too much time away from the things that I really want to do. I know I’m missing out on a whole online world of interesting people and events, but for now this is the way it’s got to be. If you’d like to stay in touch, then I’m afraid this website is my only online home. What about you – are you planning a bike trip or other adventure? d

  1. That makes sense!
    I’m riding LEJOG in June with three other women, plus a few others joining us for a stage or two. None of us has ever done anything like this before and at present the logistics are the biggest challenge (it’s a DIY effort), plus raising £5000 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. I retire in April so after that, who knows? J

    1. Oh fantastic! What kind of logistics are you having most difficulty with? My personal approach is to simply get cycling and then iron out any problems en route – the UK is full of extremely helpful people and bike mechanics; full of pubs and hostels. But what works for me might not be appropriate for your challenge, especially if you have a tight schedule. Do you have a website for the trip or somewhere I can donate?

  2. I want to go via Launceston and we’re from Bristol. Two of us have time constraints because of work and the single-stagers will be coming from various parts of the country……………… etc! This time we need to keep to a schedule. Next time, could be anyone’s guess.

    Thanks for asking about website and sponsorship. There’s my blog and fund-raising page which will give you a bit of background.

    A mix of exciting and daunting at the moment but it’ll be great.

    1. Well, from your blog it looks like you’re on the right track with logistics. You’ve got plenty of time to finalise the plan as well – and they do say that most of the enjoyment of adventures is in the anticipation, so have fun with it! I’ll definitely keep tabs on your progress. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. And good luck!

  3. Brilliant David! I am going get your ebook, we need it! We are a family of five (me and my four daughters) heading off in December to cycle from Tasmania to Far North Queensland. My only plan so far is to ride to the boat, cross Bass Strait, then land in Melbourne and turn right immediately to avoid the city.
    we will get right to work growing those beards.

  4. Bugger, I did it wrong – I donated £10 on the site somewhere, and now I cant download the eBook without doing it again? Advice?

    1. Hey there,

      Sorry for the wait – I just got back from a trip to Wales. Hopefully you’ve got my email and you’ve got the book. Thanks for coming by and good luck with your amazing trip!


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