Five Tiny Big Things #4 Good News / Counterintuitive Bicycles / Getting Rich / Jungle Wedding / Meaning Of Life

If you only click one thing…

1. 66 Good News Stories You Didn’t Hear About in 2023. My single favourite publication of the year. Every year.

Four more nice things…

2. Bicycles are Zen koans in action: ‘If you want to turn left, you must first turn right.’ The Incredibly Counterintuitive Physics of Bicycle Turns.

3. A Few Laws of Getting Rich (via 👋)

Happiness is complicated, but if you simplify it into things like a loving family, health, friendship, eight hours of sleep, well-balanced children, and being part of something bigger than yourself, you realize how limited money’s role can be. It’s not that it has no role; just smaller than you may have assumed.

4. How I Survived a Wedding in a Jungle That Tried to Eat Me Alive. This story goes places you want no story to go. Go there safely with Melissa Johnson.

5. John Updike on The Meaning of Life at The Marginalian:

Ancient religion and modern science agree: we are here to give praise. Or, to slightly tip the expression, to pay attention.

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