Foiled Episode 1: Everything’s Kings (BBC Radio)

This is mad, isn’t it? A year ago I was in the London Welsh Centre, watching rehearsals for a hair-based theatre comedy called ‘Foiled’. Being one of the writers, I loved every minute – but I never expected The Stage would call it ‘the perfect comedy’ in a 5-star review.

That was dreamy enough, but imagine being given a BBC Radio series! Insane. And it’s being broadcast TOMORROW.

YES – Saturday the 1st of July at 1pm.

Without any further messing about, here’s the link to Episode 1: Everything’s Kings.

Episodes 2-4 will delight and amaze on the three subsequent Saturdays in July – and yes, don’t worry, if you join my mailing list I will be furnishing you with direct links every Friday. 😉

Also, no need to panic if you have alternate plans working/sleeping/frisbeeing at 1pm on a Saturday – all the episodes will be available to download for listening at your convenience. I believe that BBC Radio is even operational overseas. So if you find yourself abroad, don’t be inconvenienced – just put your headphones on and enjoy.

And if you do enjoy, feel abundantly free to share the love with friends. The whole cast are on Twitter and it’s a fact that actors don’t need food if they have praise. You can find them all on this list.

Huge thanks, as ever, to YOU for supporting Foiled from Day 1. Me and Beth would also like to thank everyone who has been on the crew of the good ship Foiled in the last 18 months, particularly Tom O’Brien who directed the Edinburgh show, and Dom Morgan who played Richie.

Here’s to many more voyages!

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David Charles is co-writer of BBC radio sitcom Foiled. He also writes for The Bike Project, Thighs of Steel, and the Elevate Festival. He blogs at

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