Foiled Diaries: Finito!

The Foiled recordings last weekend went down an absolute storm (see above cast photo). In the memorable words of one superfan: ‘That made Series 1 sound shit.’ And I couldn’t agree more fervently.

Probably my favourite moment of the whole weekend was the read through before what will become Episode 2. Sitting across from the exquisite Miles Jupp as he transformed my words into actual live comedy is something I will never forget – barring a governmental lobotomisation programme or degenerative brain disease.

It’s been a long journey, from the re-commissioning in December through the plotting, drafting, writing, editing and writers rooms, to the re-drafting, re-writing, re-editing of the past few weeks.

And the whole shebang would’ve been impossible without the help of the many people who put so much energy into the rebirthing of Foiled.

In no particular order, then, huge thanks to Tom Price, Dave Cribb, Ed Easton, Tom Ward, Adam Hess, Dan Kiss, Clint Edwards, Jackson Davies and all the Granvilles.

Special thanks to everyone who have helped me out enormously with beds to sleep in over the last 6 months: Tim, Ben and Annie, PW, Dan Erlacher, everyone at EWC, everyone at MVR, everyone at Arcot Street, SnaresBrooksy’sHere, Compton Road, Elsie Road, and the entirety of my brilliantly supportive family.

Thanks to all the fabulous actors, including David Oakes, Steph Siadatan, Tom Price again, Garnon Davies, Miles Jupp, Ralf Little, Francois Pandolfo, Mari Beard and Dan Starkey.

And of course eternal thanks to Beth Granville, writer, actress and networker extraordinaire, without whom this never would have happened and, even if it had, would have been total shite.

And to you – THANK YOU!

Foiled will be broadcast throughout the month of August, on Radio Wales and online. So no excuses for not ROFLing along.

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