Foiled Series 2: A Sitcom Writer’s Diary

The half term holiday was the perfect opportunity for Beth and I to go down to Wales, breathe the comic airs and get started on series two of Foiled.

The temptation, of course, was to treat the half term holiday as, well, a holiday – and there were indeed blows along the respective proms of Barry and Penarth, as well as long cups of tea in the terrace sunshine. But sitcoms, even radio sitcoms, have to start somewhere. And ours, however leisurely, started here. Continue reading “Foiled Series 2: A Sitcom Writer’s Diary”

Dave’s Books of the Year 2017

This post is so sophisticated it should have its own Times Literary Supplement font. That’d distract you from the embarrassing fact that most of these are non-fiction. But hey – these seven books inspired me this year, each in their own way. Continue reading “Dave’s Books of the Year 2017”

How to get a BBC Radio Comedy Commission

In January 2016, Beth Granville and I were commissioned to write four episodes of our sitcom Foiled for BBC Radio Wales. I still get goosebumps writing that sentence! Getting a comedy commission from the BBC really doesn’t happen very often in a writer’s life and I feel fantastically lucky.

Earlier this week, Beth and I were invited by London Comedy Writers to share our recipe for the secret sauce. This blog is more detail on how I reckon we got that BBC radio comedy commission. Continue reading “How to get a BBC Radio Comedy Commission”

Hello, I’m David Charles the writer!

I’m best known for writing Foiled with Beth Granville. A comedy set in a hair salon, Foiled had a hugely successful five-star run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016 and is being broadcast as a 4-part sitcom on BBC Radio Wales this summer.

Here you’ll also find all manner of scribblings about refugees, migration and the glorious utopia of No Borders. Meanwhile, You Are What You Don’t is a collection of writings about my lifestyle experiments. Hot topics include psychedelics, mobile phones, and the joys of terrestrial travel.

I have also published three books of travel writing. You can find out more in my free shop.

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