Foiled Diaries: Writers Rooms

This is necessarily going to be a super short diary update: I’ve done more than enough typing for one week on Foiled and I haven’t slept in a bed for a few nights – the glamour!

One particular highlight of the last 7 days was realising on Wednesday that our producer wanted a rewrite of one episode by 9pm – at 8.40pm. I still don’t know how I managed to write 8 pages in 20 minutes – and only half of it was chucked out the next day!

Maybe we should work like that more often – it was our producer’s favourite of the 4 episodes.

Our two days of writers room work was an absolute joy. We’re privileged as all hell to have producers who actually care about the quality of these scripts, and who throw a heroic amount of energy behind the project.

We’re unbelievably lucky to have spent two whole days with half a dozen other comedians, crawling through the scripts with a funny-bone tooth-comb. The result is 3 scripts that are in superb shape, with solid plots and buckets of lols.

(And 1 script that’s a total mess, completely gutted and with only the vaguest semblances of funny. But we’ve still got 3 weeks, right?)

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